The Production

Specialists in the manufacture of hydraulic manifold blocks

Our Production

With their efficient workshop and cutting-edge machinery, Idroblocchi can supply customers with hydraulic manifold blocks of all kinds and for all applications, guaranteeing excellent results at the end of the manufacturing process.
From cutting to grinding, from testing to packaging, each activity is carried out with strict controls in place, in conformity with our quality management system.
The material used to produce the block are sourced from carefully selected suppliers and are ultrasound tested to ensure that only quality materials are supplied.
All personnel involved in hydraulic and steel sector is of considerable experience.

Moreover Idroblocchi provides pieces standard catalog and multifunction


Machinery Used

The equipment in use at the facility comprises the following systems:

  • N.5 CNC machining centres for producing parts weighing up to 10,000 kg
  • N.2 Milling machines
  • N.4 Radial drills for drilling holes
  • N.2 Grinding machine
  • N.1 CNC saw
  • N.1 45°C hot cleaning system
  • N. 2 Dimensional inspection and test benches

Idroblocchi works for national and international companies.